PANDOMO - Modern design without borders

PANDOMO is a modern system for the surface creation that keeps open all options for architectural design. For the floor. For the wall. PANDOMO is a cement-based flooring and thus the basic material for a whole new way of building floors. PANDOMO has the character of a large stone floor without joints, and it is as strong as high-quality parquet.

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It's about more than color and surface. You can include other materials and elements and achieve infinite possibilities of an integrated, seamless floor surface. PANDOMO offers as many design options as you need.





Experience the room as free space for lasting impressions. With PANDOMO walls can appear in the same optics like the floors. Particularly appealing is the fine, colored iridescent surface appearance.



  (Photos courtesy of ARDEX GmbH)

Visit us at our showroom at Alsterdorfer Straße 579 in Hamburg. Here we can show you the benefits and the flexibility of the PANDOMO system in practice.